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Allcor Broker Solutions is a top national wholesale brokerage offering many A-Rated Standard Markets, PEO, ASO, and EOR options. We specialize in writing hard to place workers’ compensation accounts, including Trucking and Temporary Staffing.

Workers Compensation for Staffing Agencies

Professional Employer Organizations

Co-Employment solutions with HR, work comp, payroll services, tax assistance, regulation guidance, and more.

Administrative Services Organizations

Similar to Professional Employer Organizations, except the client company remains the Employer of Record for all tax purposes.

Employer of Record Companies

A sole employer staffing model providing work comp and services similar to a PEO without co-employment.

Workers Compensation for Staffing Agencies

Making Workers’ Compensation Easy

We have contracts with the best PEO, ASO, and EOR Markets for large or high mod. accounts. These markets are an alternative for accounts that are faced with having to go into the State Fund, or where claims have become a major concern with pricing or placing coverage. All of our partner markets are heavily vetted, and offer “A rated” Workers’ Compensation coverage.

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Allcor’s temporary staffing target placements

As a wholesale brokerage, Allcor Broker Solutions is a partner to select insurance agents and MGAs or wholesalers across the country. From clerical to the toughest class codes and industries, our markets will consider any exposure. Following are a few examples of what we can write:

  • Manufacturing
  • Contractors + Construction
  • Trucking + Transportation
  • Office / Clerical
  • Agriculture + Farming
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • All Others

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