Workers Compensation for Staffing Agencies

Offering competitive options for Workers’ Compensation

Allcor Broker Solutions was established in 2014 and we’ve specialized in writing workers’ comp policies ever since. We’ll help you navigate the process, get the right policy and choose a payment plan that suits your needs.

Highlights of Standard Workers’ Compensation

Allcor provides access to over 30 standard, monoline workers’ compensation markets. These markets operate nationwide and offer A rated coverage. They have broad underwriting appetites and can quote startups, large or small accounts, cancellations, non-renewals, and high x-mod accounts. Our pricing and commissions are competitive.

The Allcor Difference

Manage, maintain, and grow your business more profitably
Cost-effectively outsource your back office operations
Access to 401K and other benifits
Allcor outmatches the competition

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Allcor has competitive options for “Hard to Place” Workers’ Compensation risks in all states. Now who’s ready to get their problems solved?

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