There are many benefits to having an excellent administrative service organization. Findings show that 99.9% of United States companies are small businesses. These small companies, however, make up a tiny part of the overall workforce population. 

As a retail broker, you will interact with many small business owners. Likewise, you can see how they can quickly become overwhelmed by the details required to keep their companies operating.

Reassure these small businesses about the steps to help them function to adapt to the shift of modern business parameters. These models, called administrative service organizations, or ASOs, manage the myriad responsibilities of daily operations, from hiring to payroll to training. Specialized firms such as Allcor offer essential services that small companies on their own might find too complex. There are multiple benefits of turning to administrative service organizations for support.

The ABCs of ASOs

First, it is essential to learn more about the role ASOs fulfill. These specialized entities work with small businesses to provide advanced human resources support. They function within a flexible framework that makes it easy for multiple types of small companies to benefit from their services.

Small businesses that outsource vital HR functions to ASOs can expect help with employee benefits and payroll management. These entities facilitate procedures and provide support in critical areas of management. They help boost small businesses by offering operational advantages.


For small businesses that do not need support in multiple complex business operations, ASOs provide reliable HR support without involving businesses in contracts that tie them to services they do not need.

Service Variety

ASOs provide core HR services that small businesses can choose from, including:

  • Managing benefits
  • Developing HR policy
  • Processing payroll

Some ASOs may offer more complex services, such as helping small businesses manage risks. Highly specialized organizations such as Allcor can guide small companies into choosing the right services to fuel growth.

ASOs make life easier for entrepreneurs. Smaller companies can access vital HR services needed by all viable businesses without investing time and money into establishing an internal HR department.

Medical Protection

ASOs can help companies, especially very small businesses, by providing them with medical coverage and benefits. These organizations partner with third-party providers to offer even the smallest companies vital medical protection.

Specialized Solutions

With ASOs, small companies can get the help they need without committing to a large group of services they cannot use. ASOs are an ideal solution for smaller businesses. Entrepreneurs can benefit from professional help without committing to an unnecessary suite of specialties.

A Partner for Growth

In the mercurial and rocky business world, small companies can find reassurance by partnering with ASOs. These organizations provide vital HR-related services, including medical benefits. Small companies can get on with daily operations without pouring money and time into other aspects of business, such as setting up an internal HR office. ASOs support small companies now so they can grow into future challenges.

About Allcor

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